World’s leading

manufacturer of

sealing systems


We develop specific components for sedans, coupes, SUVs, convertibles and the automotive supply industry.

Technical Products

Customized sealing solution for construction/building or vehicle industry, electrical industry or air conditioning, railway or aviation industry and so on!


For development and design of new parts, TGM relies on experienced engineers and the latest technology.

Stocklist for the division of technical products

Please find our current stocklist here.
Our service hotline for technical products can be reached at +49 (0)5067 25123.

Charta of Equality

The issues of gender equality have been major themes in recent years. Equal opportunities for all and equal money for equal work are the topics that are discussed.

At Toyoda Gosei Meteor the equal career opportunities and equal payment for women and men have been installed long time ago. Thus, management and works council have agreed to sign the "Charta of Equality" and to fill the contents with life. At the signing ceremony on Friday, 30.04.19, IGBCE Deputy Federal Chairperson, Mrs. Edeltraut Glänzer, came to Bockenem. In addition, Mr. Saito (Managing Director) and Mr. Matz (Head of Legal & Human Resources, General Affairs) have signed the document. They want to support the implementation of the points. They also want to bring the different nationalities together.

TG Meteor is the first company in the district of Hildesheim that has signed this charta.

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In 10 steps to the perfect product

Mixing, extrusion and manufacturing of rubber parts
at Toyoda Gosei Meteor GmbH


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Toyoda Gosei Meteor in facts

The requirements of modern industrial products and the standards to be met are increasing exponentially. For more than 60 years, we have been proving our leading position on the international markets every day.

Expertise in research, development and production has made us a system partner that contributes much more to the market success of a product than a single component. We offer development and process know how and our partners have a benefit already in the planning phase.

locations in Germany and USA
1.500 employees in our companies
More than
years of experience