Global Social Day 2018

Primary school Bockenem

Visual protection at school ground and introduction in Japanese culture

As in every year, also this year in October the worldwide Global Social Day took place in all companies of Toyoda Gosei Group. This annual event is part of the corporate culture and proceeds under the motto „One Team - One TG“.

On October 20th, 2018 Toyoda Gosei Meteor this time supported the primary school in Bockenem. Since a while construction works for the new discount stores are in progress on the neighbouring property of the school. School principal, teachers and pupils therefore wished a visual protection to the neighbouring property in form of a hedge beside the newly erected fence.

On that Saturday morning energetic helpers equipped with shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows gathered on the schoolyard of the primary school to fulfil this desire. The experiences made at the tree planting event on Toyoda Gosei Meteor´s plant by the meteorites in the last year should be a great benefit for this event.

After a short speech of Mr. Rainer Block, Bockenem´s mayor and Mr. Masahiko Ito things got going. The ahead of time drawn gutter was filled with earth and the 175 hornbeam hedge plants were set.

But it was not only slaved outside at the schoolyard. In the school Mr. Ito first explained some differences between Germany and Japan to the children. For example a comparison of a church and a Japanese temple or between the Brocken in the Harz mountains and the Fuji in Japan. Furthermore the Japanese employees explained with the help of the interpreter Mr. Kenji Alexander Koch how school-life at Japanese schools look like. In order to get a practical impression the pupils could learn how to fold origami. Full of enthusiasm stars, cranes and pikaschus were created under the guidance Mr. Ito, the Japanese colleagues and employees of Toyoda Gosei Meteor. The language barrier was no problem at all and everybody involved had a great fun with the handicrafts.

The culinary welfare was ensured on one hand by the school´s booster club with a large breakfast buffet and on the other hand at lunch time with a Japanese rice-curry which is a customary practice in Japanese schools.

Finally a catalpa was collectively planted by Mr. Ito, Mr. Block and the school principal Mr. Lars Kohrs at the schoolyard.

Altogether this Saturday morning was a successful joint project by parents, teachers and pupils of the primary school, employees of the city of Bockenem and the employees of Toyoda Gosei Meteor. We would like to thank all the participants of this felicitous event for their energetic engagement.