TG Spirit

What is TG Spirit?

In the year 2013 the TG Spirit was manifested in 6 keywords. It was a result of the most important opinions and thoughts of the TG Seniors. It was and will be shared to all TG employees. It expresses the practised values of collaboration in the Toyoda Gosei Group.


Customer Oriented

Think from the customer’s perspective
How can we help customers get what they want?



Aim high, be resolute in the face of difficulties
We will aim high, set ambitious goals and work relentlessly toward achieving them no matter what the difficulties may be.


Be responsible and proactive
Each and every TG employee is encouraged to feel a sense of ownership for the products that leave our doors.

Continuous Kaizen

Never be satisfied;
improvement never ends

Using the approaches of genchi-genbutsu (go and see) and genjitsu (activities based on the actual situation) and asking why five times, we will constantly strive to bring our operations and products to the next highest level.


Respect for individuals and their perspectives
We will maintain respect for the individuality and perspectives of each person, be humble in our dealings with others regardless of nationality, gender, or rank, and always try to learn from each other.


Help each other, grow as a team
We will combine our strengths within teams, between departments, and between Toyoda Gosei Group companies to make One TG a reality.