Charta of Equality

Toyoda Gosei Meteor signs the Charta of Equality as first company in district Hildesheim

The issues of gender equality have been major themes in recent years. Equal opportunities for all and equal money for equal work are the topics that are discussed. It is already in our Basic Law that no one may be disadvantaged because of his gender or belief, his or her descent, race, language or disability.

Actually, there should be no differences, but the practice shows that there are many inequalities. It is therefore urgent to make efforts to turn the law into reality. Equal pay for women and men and equal career development opportunities are important in today's workplace.

At Toyoda Gosei Meteor, the issue of equal rights for men and women has also been discussed. Equal career opportunities and equal payment for women and men have been installed long time ago. However, there are some areas, e.g. in extrusion, where the proportion of men is very high. A recent retraining measure will increase the proportion of women in this sector.

Thus, management and works council have agreed to sign the "Charta of Equality" and to fill the contents with life. These include e.g. the following points

  • Equal career development opportunities
  • Equal pay for men and women
  • More women in leadership positions
  • Life-phase-oriented working hours
  • A living work

At the signing ceremony on Friday, 30.04.19, IGBCE Deputy Federal Chairperson, Mrs. Edeltraut Glänzer, came to Bockenem, which shows once again how important these topics are. In addition, Mr. Saito (Managing Director) and Mr. Matz (Head of Legal & Human Resources, General Affairs) have signed the document. They want to support the implementation of the points. They also want to bring the different nationalities together.

Toyoda Gosei Meteor is the first company in the district of Hildesheim that has signed this charta.